Thursday, 16 January 2014

Warlock by Wilbur Smith

Love reading historic fictions and I find Egypt's history quiet fascinating. I have read Wilbur Smiths Warlock at least twice and both the time, have thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you like reading historic fiction then you should read "Warlock". My advice would be to first read River God from Wilbur Smith before reading Warlock. Rivergod is a story of what happens before Warlock and you will be in sync with the story.

Rich in history and keeps you engaged till the end. Has lots of twist and turn,  wont feel like putting the book down till you have finish reading it. The plot is interesting and well written.

After reading historic fictions I often think about the way people use to stay, their lifestyle, politics etc. 

Any of you enjoy reading historic fiction then share with me which book you have really enjoyed reading in this category.

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