Monday, 6 January 2014

Green and Purple Eye Make Up

When  I thought about doing a weekend look,  had some specific colors in mind which I wanted to try out and see how it looks. I really love the combination of Green and Purple,  Amber and Purple too looks great. (Maybe next time)

Thought of using a moderate green (not too dark neither too light) and bright purple color for this look. Its a nice look to wear for any occasion in the evening or at night. Add shimmer to this look to make your eyes more pop out. You can add more depth to this look by adding black eye shadow at the corner (over lapping the purple eye shadow) and blending it into the crease area.

You can also substitute this look by using more vibrant green and purple color if you want the colors to pop out more.

Create a perfect canvas by applying primer to your eyes,  it helps your eyeshadow to last longer without creasing. Here in this look I have used Mac Paint pot Painterly to even out skin tone.

 I have used eye shadows from  Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics. Colors look more vibrant in person than capturing it on camera as I have captured this pictures at night where there is no natural light.

Drop me a comment how did you find this look and which colors would you prefer expirimenting with?

"Make up is an art............Beauty is passion
Cherish the beauty of the moment"

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