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Dubai Dairies - Global Village

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My exploits continued in Dubai. Next on my list was Global Village which is located at Dubai-land and is little far off from the city. The entry fee is AED 15 per person. It opens at around 4 pm in the evening and is on till 11 or i think 12 at night. Its a huge place so there are four entry gates. If you want to roam the whole place peacefully you need to be there by 4 or maximum by 5 pm. This place is open only for 4 months from November to February being winters in Dubai. If you want to visit Dubai then this is the best period to visit Dubai otherwise it is  very hot throughout.

Launched in 1997, Global Village made its debut on the Creek Side opposite Dubai Municipality, and later moved to Oud Metha then Dubai Festival City, until it found a permanent home in 2005 on Emirates Road’s Exit 37. Over the past 15 years, Global Village has been providing cultural entertainment along with an international shopping experience to millions of visitors.

We happen to reach there a little late around 6 pm. Being a huge place there was lot of walking to be done and by the end of your Global village tour you will be having a mixed feeling of being tired at the same time being happy for the kind of shopping you have done.

There were different pavilion  from different countries which sell their USP products. Like for example Yemen pavilion has some awesome spices that you could buy, India has pashmina shawls and sarees, Pakistan pavilion has a very good lawn and cotton dress materials, leather jackets, Mojari (jooti) and so on. The best thing about this place is you get products from different countries under one roof.

Another attraction is gaming zone where there is something from kids to elders to enjoy from. Some rides are pretty scary and some are fun. The gaming zone is something which will make you realize there is kid in every one of us. There are few rides where kids are not allowed, they are meant for only adults who can take up the challenge to sit on those scary rides.

The Ghost House at Global Village

Throughout there were eatable stalls where you can enjoy different delicacies. You get some very nice Thai fruits which is priced at AED 15 (Their raw mango is pretty good which i happen to buy it every time i spot one), there were pancakes and wheat balls (which is also called as Gulgule in India) dipped in dates syrup which is priced at AED 10 ( i really relish on this wheat balls specially when they are served hot) , there were Iranian, Arabic and Lebanese stalls apart from the regular fast food joints like KFC, Pizza Hut, there were stalls from India and Pakistan also serving their specialty. Everybody from children's to elders were hooked onto the potato swirly chips which tastes yummy.

If you go there on a weekend this place is full buzzing with people and kids. Different stage shows happen from different countries to keep people entertained. Believe me this is one place you will be fully entertained and not feel bored be it any age group. I am going to visit this place once more before i leave.

Fireworks at Global Village

The bikes at parking lot....

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Global Village with my family  and shopped to my hearts content. What i take with me are some really beautiful memories and some awesome stuff which will always remind me of the time spend at Global Village.

That's Me at Global Village
So guys anytime you plan to visit Dubai, visit it when there is winters in Dubai and these are the places to watch out for. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed visiting these places. Hope this post was informative.

My next exploit was Desert Safari... oh god what fun we had. Another attraction you should not miss so stay tuned and watch this space for more. Till then take care and stay connected.

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