Friday, 4 October 2013

Bath Products

There are so many bath products available to choose from.  I keep experimenting with my shower gel and bath soaps.  There are few which i have really liked and i keep going back to.  Today's review is on the Marks and Spencers Essential Extract Aloe Vera Shower Gel and bath soaps from Puresense from Soap Opera.

I really liked both the products, time and again keep going back, when I need a break from my experiments.

Aloe Vera Shower Gel

What Marks & Spencer claim ....

Specially formulated with natural extract of aloe vera, this foaming shower gel will cleanse your skin as you shower to help leave it soft and smooth. 

Price : Rs. 200/-
Qty : 250 ml 

Its a shower gel which is light green in color and has a mild pleasant fragrance .I don't know why but i really like this product as its mild and contains Aloe Vera extract. Leaves skin smooth and soft. Its affordable and easily available in stores across.

Other Shower Gel from the same range...

SP Rating : 5/5

Puresense from Soap Opera 

What Puresense claims.....

Enriched with essential lemongrass / Peppermint oil & olive oil, the soap bar is free of sulphates, parabens, formaldehydes and non-carcinogenic. Known for its benefits, the lemongrass essential oil with the combination of olive oil soothes and calms the body.  

Qty : 100 gms 
Price : Rs. 75/-

My Take on the Product 

I like this product as they are organic and not harsh on the skin.  The essential oil in the soap leaves skin smooth and hydrated. I usually pick up Lemongrass and Spearmint as i like their fragrance.  Your bathroom will  have the fragrance of the lemongrass / Spearmint (which ever you have used) even after you have stepped out of the shower at least for sometime. 

The fragrance is fresh and soothing, as if, you have just stepped in a spa.  The other soaps have strong fragrance hence never picked them up.  Its affordable and easily available in the mall's across.  

Other soaps in the same range and their goodness 

Cinnamon Soap Bar  - Exotic aromatic bar enriched with Olive oil and Cinnamon essential oil which revitalizes and promises the earthy feeling and sets you going for the day.

Spearmint Soap Bar - Get set go with the cool & fresh spearmint oil infused bar with olive oil goodness that relaxes, soothes and invigorates naturally from within.

Clove Soap Bar  - Made with the goodness of Olive oil, this aromatic bar infused with clove oil which soothes with its healing and antiseptic properties

Ginger Soap Bar  - Mild cleansing bar swirled with Ginger that improves skin tone, lightens age spots and detoxifies the skin and olive oil moisturizes the skin from within.

Lemongrass Soap Bar  - Olive oil enriched bar which detoxifies and rejuvenates, aided by essential oil of lemongrass. 

SP Rating : 4/5

Final Verdict 

I would definitely recommend both the products.  Affordable and made from natural extract.  Leaves skin smooth and hydrated.  It's worth a try.

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