Friday, 27 September 2013

Bridal Make-up & Different looks

Over the weekend when there is enough time i try my hands on different looks, its like an artist / painter concept trying to create a new look on an empty canvas.  I like to play with colors and try different options for creating the look.

When I start, I  first decide what type of look i want and which colors to be used, that makes it easier for me to start as i have a certain idea how i want my look to be.

To capture the look and the colors you need a proper professional camera which would do justice to the look and the efforts put in. So far i have been capturing photos from my phone camera which is Samsung S III and by a camera which i had at home from Nikkon (which is not an updated technology).  Hence you will not find pictures so clear and crisp which i apologies for. Soon I plan to buy a good camera which would do justice to my looks, its sure on my wish list.

I had the passion for make-up from quiet an early age.  As the saying goes practice makes the man perfect. Over the years  have tried to enhance those skills by practicing and attending workshops etc.  Though i feel, i could do much better had i done a proper professional course from a reputed Academy and become one of the professional make up artist but i do have my limitations :(

When i was naive in make up, i have tried few bridal make up. I believe i could do much better, had it been now, as i have achieved more knowledge and information about the make up and know many more tricks to get that flawless look and correct the imperfections. Today i would like to share with you 3 bridal look that i did in the past, when i knew nothing much about the make-up.

This bride would have manage to lit the stage even without make up with her million dollar smile and her fun loving attitude. 

This bride would have won everyone's heart just by her innocent face and cute smile. 

This bride with her dreamy eyes manage to make everyone believe if there is a will there is a way and nothing is impossible to achieve once you set your heart on. 

Different Looks 

Note: The pictures might not do the justice to the looks because of poor camera quality hence i apologies for the same and will try to rectify this soon to give you more clear and colorful look :))

Natural Everyday Look: This is a simple and natural look that you can wear it to office or if you are stepping out to meet friends or visiting relatives.

Red Lips Look : This look is simple yet elegant. I have kept the lip color loud hence the overall look is quiet suttle with a light eyeshadow on the eyelid and eye liner. If you are going out for a party at some one's house then this look is ideal not too loud neither too suttle.

Evening Clubbing Look : This look is created by using white glitter and purple eye shadow with double winged eyeliner. Ideal for clubbing. Its bright and its glittery just the look you want to pep up your mood. Team it up with a nice clubbing outfit to suit the occasion and loads of accessories would do the wonder.

Green & Amber Look : This look is ideal for a quiet romantic dinner out. Where a nice colored contact lenses to support this look and all eyes will be on you :) Trust me !!!

Smokey Look : This look you can support for evening parties. It is dramatic and loud. Since this is a heavy look keep the rest minimal. Go in for nude lipstick. You can make this look more dramatic by adding glitter.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Which look did you like the most???

It's weekend time again :))))) 
Happy Weekend .......have fun and enjoy !!!

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