Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Different Tyes of Footwear for Womens

Shoes are the integral part of women's personality. Especially for women, shoes have to really match the dressing and the occasion they are worn on. That is why there are of many different types of women's shoes which come in various shapes, colors and sizes.

Women should make a sensible choice for their feet keeping in view the current trend, dress requirements, the occasion and of course comfortableness as ladies should never compromise on the delicacy of their feet.

Broadly we can say that women shoes are of two types:
  • Heels
  • Flats
You would really be surprised to know there are so many various shoes that are available  in today's time. Here i am sharing with you a footwear chart which will help you to identify with various shoes and heels.


Shoes That Look Like They Belong In a Museum



Some you cant help lusting after :)



And some comfortable ones must have in your collection ... 


Some of the worst designs in footwear... Can you imagine wearing these??? 


Hope you find this post informative at the same time entertaining :) 

Drop me a comment how did you find this post, also let me know which types of footwear do you prefer wearing .


  1. Love your post, my favourite type of shoe is the Ballerina flat

    1. Hey thanks dear.... i like to wear heels and at times prefer wedges.