Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Accessories And Footwear

Accessories complete an outfit.  They are chosen specifically to complement the wearer's look.  The term accessory came into use in, as recent as the 19th century.

Every occasion is important, so is every day in your life. When we wait for an occasion to come, have fun and make ourselves more beautiful, just imagine whole your life there will be very few such days.  I think we should look forward to each day in life and live it up as if this day is not going to come again and make the most of it. Be presentable, make heads turn always, why wait for an occasion :)

I enjoy getting ready everyday whether I am going to my office or be it any outing on weekend.  Teaming up right accessories with your outfit does play an important role in completing your look.  They add the missing spice. 

Like most girls I too like to try different accessories by experimenting it on different outfit.  For me buying accessories is fun and I enjoy trying it out before I am convinced to buy it. I usually think it’s better to buy accessories with your friends or sister along so you get a second opinion before you actually buy it. This is my advice as quite a few times we pick up something and on returning home we start having second thoughts on it. Does this happen with you???

Recently I had been for a short vacation to Bangkok.  No bonuses for guessing that I picked up some footwear & accessories from there. I have a huge fetish for footwear. Few of the additions I have picked up from Mumbai & Dubai also.  Keeping in mind the summer season I opted for more bright and vibrant colors in footwear, picked up some comfy ones and some in heels. 

Here I share with you my recent accessories shopping exploits…..


I am a big fan of Leopard print. So that’s goes without saying if I spot one as per my taste I can’t resist picking it up. My first purchase in the Bangkok trip was a nice Leopard print Purse from Naraya. My other Leopard obsessions that I own are hair-band, Plazzo Pants, top from Vero Moda, Belt, Neck-piece, Earrings & a hand accessory. The obsession for leopard print just does not end there, things just keep adding to the collection. 


Footwear - The comfy ones ….               


And the heels.... 

For traditional look, it depends on what outfit I am wearing. At times I team it up with a necklace and earrings & sometimes I leave my neck empty & just wear a heavy earrings and a ring with my eyes nicely done.  

My daily routine….

I like to wear a small earrings along with a ring and a watch to complete my look. 

Every person has a different sense of style. This is mine.  I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post. Leave me a comment if you have liked this post and share with me if  you have any fetish or obsessions for something. 

Coming up next ....

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