Thursday, 31 March 2016

Back To Blogging

Hi Everyone,

Good Afternoon !

Wondering where did I disappeared for such a long time, well let me share some good news with all my readers. On Jan 11th 2016,  I delivered a cute baby boy. 

Yes ! the time I got pregnant, wanted to take it slow and steady and hence thought to take a sabbatical from blogging. After delivery,  was just not able to make time to get back to Splendid Persona but thanks to all my readers who kept inquiring. 

Trust me , so happy to get back. Though time is going to be a constraint but at least in a week two post will be there on Splendid Persona to start with. 

If there is any request as to what post you would like to see or a product review or any other request then please feel free to drop me a comment and I will try to incorporate on my blog. 

For now let me share few pictures of my little prince whom I have named "RIYAN" means The Ruler. 

These are just born pictures 

Now my little prince is going to turn three, as he is growing up and getting naughtier day by day but I am loving every moment of it. Being mom is altogether a very different experience. Each day have something new to learn and looking at my son gives me loads of satisfaction.

This is how he looks now ...

Right now my world revolves around Riyan :)) Hope to catch up with you guys on a regular basis. Till then stay connected. 

Cya ...till we meet next.