Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I Too Had a Love Story

On my last visit to Crosswords, picked up two National Best Seller, one was " I too had a Love Story" by Ravindra Singh and the other one was " Nothing Lasts Forever" from Vish Dhamija (review coming up soon).

Initial phase of the book, found it ok but as the story starts building up you kind of get curious to know where this is all leading. Gets very emotional towards the end, but then you cannot qualify the book as a very good read just because its a true story of the author.

Many lines are repetitive which makes it tad boring, having said that this book is supposed to be the national best seller. The actual emotions are very well conveyed,  way towards the end. The book is good and touching,  sadly the narration is not upto the mark.

To be honest some might find this book very touchy and emotional and for some this book might not create any wave.

SP Rating : 3/5 

Which is the last good book that you have read ??

There is lot happening at my end with very few days left for my sisters wedding.  Since the wedding is in Goa, there will be nothing new on the blog till the time I am back to Mumbai, though I have loads to share with you guys. 

That's all from my end, take care and have a rocking day ahead.


  1. The last good book that I read is "Paris, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down."

    Regarding your comment about the emotional book, I think I understand what you mean. A lot of women in North America enjoy Nicholas Sparks' books and movies because they make them cry (or something like that) and are "romantic," but I find them emotionally, Sparks isn't a good writer, so he'll make you cry in hope that you won't notice the shoddy writing.

    With that said, I think that I might enjoy "I Too Had a Love Story," just because it's based on true accounts, so I don't think I would consider it manipulative.

  2. i read this and i agree first half of the book is repeatative and a little stuck... ends grips emotionally..