Monday, 1 September 2014

What's In My Travel Pouch - Travel Essentials

It’s comfortable to travel light, but the biggest task is cutting down on unnecessary stuff. Since am on a travelling spree…..thought of doing the post of what I usually carry in my travelling pouch.  Like to keep it minimal and only what is required.

Let’s take a peek in my travelling pouch…. and go through each product step by step and why I consider it essential to be carried while travelling. 

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion : This small travel size tube came in my Sephora haul as a free sample and it was clearly mentioned on the tube that it’s for dry to very dry skin types. I belong to a family of combination skin and hence thought this cream was useless for me.

While packing for Kodai, on the last moment I dropped this cream in my pouch thinking would use it for my hands if required. Trust me, in my whole trip this cream was my saviour as the climate out there was very chilled and my skin became very dry . It did a great job in keeping my skin moisturised and hydrated throughout the trip.  

Lakme Sunscreen with SPF 50 : Sunrays could damage your skin, be it anywhere. One of the very important and essential product to carry with you while travelling. Go east, west, north or south but not without your sunscreen. Be it in cold chilled region or a tropical climate, sunscreen is a must.

Konad Auto Style Eye Brow Pencil : This is one product that I always keep in my make up and travelling pouch. I have gaps in my eyebrows which I fill it with this pencil,  Like to keep my brows in shape always.  A well defined brow could give your face a very different and complete look.  Even if I am stepping out for any short it grocery shopping or going to gym, I dont miss this step ever.

Maybelline Lip Balm :  Keep lips moisturised and gives a nice rosy tint. I have a pink shade in this and very soon plan to pick up a peach one. Carry these two shades in the lip balm and you are sorted throughout your trip. This lip balm are budget and travel friendly.

Loreal BB Cream : While in Mumbai,  this cream worked well for me but when I was in Kodai this BB cream worked wonders on my skin.  I used to apply this on my moisturised face and and  was ready for the day. My one stop destination when I have no time to spare much attention to my face. 

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Compact :   Carried this compact to set my BB cream. In case if I don't want to apply my Loreal BB cream then I use to apply the Lake Absolute Face Stylist Compact over a moisturised face and done for the day. How easy can that get..... when you are travelling :)

Real Technique Face Brush : This is optional. Don't like using the in-built sponge as I am more comfortable with the brush. This is my holy grail face brush which I just can't do without. A must have brush in your vanity. Totally obsessed with it :)

Good Luck Make-up Wipes : After using Inglot make up wipes, prefer carrying wipes to remove make up while travelling. Since I did not had time to visit Inglot store,  bought these wipes from a local beauty store. Was quiet disappointed by the product as these wipes were little dry and did not do the required job of removing the make up effectively. 

Usually, while travelling make remover wipes are handy and  comfortable to carry around.  So yes pick up a good one while travelling, makes your life much easier.

Clean And Clear Face Wash in Green Apple : The small bottle from Clean And Clear is always parked in my travelling pouch. The sturdy packaging makes it easier to carry around without any leakage and suits my skin. It helps me in keeping my skin clean, clear without making it dry. The tiny beads in the face wash,  does a job of scrubbing and exfoliating. Great product to have while travelling. 

These were more or less my travel companion who makes my life easier and get me through without being too loaded or having to carry any excess baggage.

I am just back from my Goa trip, tied all the loose ends and now back with a satisfied feeling that the most of the wedding preparations has been taken care of.  

Travelling has kept me away from blogging for some time but the  motivating comments on the blog has kept me longing to get back to you guys with more eagerness and zeal.

Hope you guys missed me as much as I have missed you'll. Many things lined up…. So stay in touch!

"You dont need magic to disappear.....all you need is a destination"


  1. nice set of products u have in your travel bag

  2. Oooh I love posts like this and seeing what different products people take away with them :)

    Layla xx