Saturday, 15 February 2014

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

For the past few months,  wishing to have this palette in my collection...... and finally got my hands on Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette which my better half picked up on his recent visit to Singapore from Sephora. Excited and thrilled. Such beautiful range of colors all packed into one beautiful palette.

The packaging is gorgeous, the cover has a rustic look and  the palette inside is in beautiful shades of purple. Classy, appealing and impressive. I was like "WOW" (holding my breath) when I first hold my palette. The first peek inside the palette is mesmerizing with such beautiful colors arranged in order. There are four rows of five shade each which makes it twenty pretty shades, highly pigmented and rich in color. Has a huge  mirror inside.

Comes with a double sided brush, at one end there is  regular eyeshadow brush, on the other side there is a blending brush.What I like about this palette is,  all the eyeshadow has names which becomes easier to refer. This palette has a combination of Matte and dual chrome shades. The dual chrome shades are really very pretty, some shades are very unique.

Lets take a peek at the colors one by one....

Smokeout : Dark Blackish Taupe color with a satin finish, which would look great on creating a smokey effect.

Lovesick : Matt Black with glitter and is less darker than Smokeout. It's an eyeshadow when you want the intensity of the color to be little sober yet dramatic.

Shellshock : Bright metallic sillver. Such a pretty shade.

Coax: Metallic Pink with micro gold glitter. Another pretty shade would go well with Shellshock, Smokeout  Lovesick and Radar

X-Rated : A pale pink shade. Could be used in many ways, combining with other darker shades.

Prank : Deep Navy Matte color with Turquoise glitter. Such a lovely and unique combination.

Madness: Shimmery Bright Blue. Would look great for a night out. The color will add more dimension to the eyes.

Strike : Antique Gold shimmer with micro silver glitter.Classic color and looks great on any skin tone. You can really play around with this color without worrying about messing up. A safe color to experiment.

Stash : Deep Olive Green with gold shimmer. Such a beautiful shade and looks great even if you wear this as a single shade.

Poison : It is more of Charcoal color with sparkle.

Radar: Metallic Brown Shimmer. Would look great on any time of the day. 

Damaged : This is a rich emerald color which looks very pigment. Great color for creating a rich smokey look. Love it !!!

Voodoo : Metallic shimmery Purple with purple glitter. This Palette has many such shades which you wont find in any other palette. 

Betrayal :  Dual chrome Indigo Shimmer. Bright Purple satin with Blue shimmer.  Lovely and unique color.

Derailed : Metallic Taupe shimmery shade. Neutral color and can be teamed up with many other shades.

Dope : Warm Champagne Shade which could also be used as a highlighting shade.

Toxic : Copper with a hint of pink. Another unique combination. 

Habit : Matte and nude shade Its a multi-tasking shade can be used in many ways.

Ambush : Lovely texture another rich and pigmented shade in Metallic brown

Rewind : Medium Matte Brown and would work great as a transition shade.

This palette has mix of shades that range from matte to shimmery, soft neutrals to bright shades. There are more shimmery shades than matte in this palette.

Urban Decay eye-shadow's are richly pigmented, lasting effect, smooth in texture and application, blends like a dream. Palette like this one is great value for a person who loves experimenting with colors. It's a great palette and I just cant stop admiring it :))

SP Rating : 5/5

So....what do you think about this palette, isn't it magnificent. I cant imagine anyone not liking this palette. Worth the money and quality of the product is outstanding.

Recently tried a sultry romantic valentine make up look using this palette. Click here to check the make-up look.

I am not been keeping well since Thursday, everything normal except the low BP and D3 level being very low. Its quiet common now days that's what the doc said but I had a terrible time. Feeling giddy and weak.

Its weekend again, looking at my health,  will act spontaneously. You guys have a great weekend and enjoy yourself....for me I will take some rest .

Take care and have fun.


  1. Its too good specially the unusual colours packed in one pallete and the effect of the shades are just amazing on the eyes !! - farah shaikh

    1. All those dual chrome shades are super awesome...

  2. The shades are WOW!!! I superliked it!!! The look of Farah with this palette is awesome!!

    1. Thank you Dipti... I am just loving this palette so much.