Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dont Tempt Me !

Wanted to pick up something really good and engaging. My earlier picks were not so great. The last book I had picked up was "Cuckoo's Calling" from J K Rowling, after reading couple of chapters, I lost interest and never bothered to complete it.

On my recent visit to a book store, I picked up a book "Don't Tempt Me" from Sylvia Day. I like the synopsis and thought it would be a good read.

Initially.... found the story little confusing but as I moved ahead.... just could not keep the book down. Totally hooked onto it.

Beautifully written, Interesting, engaging and full of mystery and suspense. When you start reading this book, you might think ....its similar to "50 Shades of Grey" but believe me this book has more story then just the passionate love affair. Will keep you engaged till you haven't finished reading till the end.

This book is highly recommend by me,  to people who enjoy mystery and suspense, also to all the ladies who love reading romantic novel. 

If you are / have read anything interesting and engaging then drop me a comment in the below comment box.

SP Rating : 4/5

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