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Colored Denim, Trend and Style Check

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What's the one thing that comes to your mind when you just want to be comfortable. Yes ! a pair of denim. Whether it is shorts, three fourths or a full length, denim is one fabric which i feel everyone is comfortable in. Till recently we had seen denims from the blue family. Suddenly now a days, you notice different colors popping out  and you realize the changing trend.

One fine day when you see some plain jane whom you been working with for quiet few years turning up in a vibrant denim, what do you do.... stop, stare and take a note , like you been seeing her for the first time :)) well that's how this new trend has taken over. Its good to add some color to your wardrobe, don't you agree??

Do you know how denim fabric came to existent??? Well lets have a look at the history of Denim and how it all started.

During the 1800s, American gold miners wanted something strong and durable for their daily jobs. It had to be something that did not wear out easily in the long run. That’s how Jacob Davis and Leob Strauss invented jeans – typically a pair of trousers with rivets on stress points of a workman’s high-waist overalls. Leob soon earned worldwide fame and established the Levi Strauss & Co. in 1853, in San Francisco. The pair of jeans has come a long way since then, from factory and mine workers to the more modern takers – it undoubtedly became a trend that was here to stay!

High Point 

More than a century later, jeans became a fashionable item around the 1980s. It was during the same time, the very renowned Italian fashion brand Gucci started designing jeans with their labels on them. Interestingly, this phenomenon paved the way for the establishment of an industry that celebrated denim like never before. We were spoilt for choice with a range of cuts, fits and finishes including skinny, tapered, straight, boot cut, narrow bottom, low waist, acid wash, anti-fit and flare. Today denim is just not limited to a pair of Jeans, it has catered to many markets like Handbags, purse, shoes, dress, jackets....... the list is endless!

Denim has become a fashionable statement. Many reputed brands has brought denim under their label to cater different requirement from poor to niche crowd. Denims are available from low to high price and I know for sure, everyone has at least, one pair of them in their closet. 

Trend Alert

Colored denim is a fun and easy way to be fashion forward and slowly adding color to your wardrobe. Denims are now available in different and vibrant colors like ...red, blue, green, yellow, purple and many more, from vibrant to pastel, apart from the classic blue, black, and white. Colored denim's are fun and can be teamed up with various other colors. 

Points to consider when you are picking the colored denims 

Point -1 - Color Comfort

Pick a color you which you are comfortable in. There is no point in picking up a color and then having after thoughts. Its no point buying it and not wearing it later on. If you are skeptical of vibrant color then pick up a color which is close to the classic denim like navy blue or brown and gradually you can proceed to more vibrant or pastel colors.

Point - 2 - Fitting is the key

Pick up a denim which is good and  well fitted. They must fit well on your waist, hip, butt etc. No bulging, hanging, sagging please. Remember an ill fitting jean will not only look bad but draw an unwanted attention to places you don't want to flaunt. The fit is very important.

Point - 3 - Style & Finish

Colored Jeans are a statement piece, therefore the cut and the style should be flattering to your body type. Make sure along with the good fit and style the fabric and the finish is as per your taste.

Point - 4 - Color Blocking 

These color denims are pack of punch so make sure you keep the rest simple and quieter, shades that wont compete with your bold denims. White shirt with buttons in front, a black top, a beige shirt is a safer bet. You can also experiment with animal print. For a party you can team up your bold denims with metallic or blingy tops. Another fun way to rock your colored jeans is by pairing it with another colorful piece..you can go for more warm, pastel or neutral shades.

 Point -5 - Accessories

Go simple with accessories. Don't wear too many things. One signature piece and you are done. Here less is more, keep that in mind.  Do not wear anything which is loud.

Lets have a look at the few celebs and their colorful denims...

We like the way Parineeta has teamed up her vibrant blue denim with a simple white shirt. Keeping the heels nude, hair open with no accessories, on the other hand Prachi has opted for asymmetrical top and bright coral lips, with side braid and again no accessories with peach sandals. Both look stunning and we sure love the look !!! .

We like the way Tammanah has paired a red or is it tangerine/coral jeans with leopard print top with no accessories...Oh la la... she sure looks gorgeous. On the other hand Deepika looks every bit a fashionista with nude peep-toes and a statement bracelet to grace the outfit  .

We like how Karisma has teamed up her pink jeans with satin white shirt,a black jacket and a signature necklace with a black shoes on her feet Karisma looks pretty in pink . Priyanka looks stunning in a pair of lemonish jeans with an off white top and wedges. You rock the world ladies !!!

"Sand of Times"

The sand colored denim is a perfect way to begin autumn in a stylish note. Priyanka Chopra opted for this studded army shirt tied at the hem, a fad of the 80’s, with rolled up sleeves to make a statement. The aviators and an over-sized cuff with killer heels packed a punch! Super liked it ....it's Hot Hot Hot !!! Have you noticed Priyanka's belly button ??? Well she got it done recently and flaunts a huge diamond which was gifted by her dad .

You can also pair your colored denim with a checkered shirt and a jacket which looks quiet neat or you can look fab by teaming up your bright denims with an animal top, the way Rihanna is wearing in the below picture. 

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and it was helpful.

I have colored denims in Beige, coffee brown, Green, Pink apart from the classic black white and blue, would love to own one in red and blue, as i find them quiet trendy and cool. Whats your take on the trend and which color would you like to pick for yourself ???

Signing off for now... will meet again with another interesting subject. Till then Goodbye !!!

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