Monday, 1 July 2013

MacPro Long Wear Carefree Eye Shadow

I was sold out on this product when i was shown at Mac store even before purchasing it. Boy, what a shade. I absolutely love highlighting shades and this one looked very promising to me. It not only work as an eye shadow but doubles as an amazing highlighter.

Pro long wear eye shadow are supposed to wear for eight hours with silky creamy texture that yield maximum color impact.

Carefree is described by Mac as "Pale White Gold".  Let me tell you that it won me over with its good pigmentation although its slightly powder to the touch but its not chalky like some eye shadows, particularly some highlight shades can be.

Carefree lives up-to its title of Pro Long Wear, as it last 7-8 hours approx on areas like brow bone and cheekbones. Even thou Carefree is described as white gold  it has gold flecks running through it. When applied it does gives gold undertones which works fine as a highlighter.

Comes in a classic black packaging of course! by now we all are too familiar with the Classic Mac Packaging aren't we ?? You might think they are more or less the same size as regular Mac eye shadows but on the contrary they are actually a bit larger. Pro Long wear eye shadow contains 3.4 grams of product compared to regular Mac eye shadow that contains 1.5 grams of product.

Price: INR 1200/-

Mac Pro Long Wear Eye shadow Carefree Swatch
Highly Pigmented
Last 7-8 hours
Dual usage (Eyeshadow and Highlighter)
Silky Creamy texture
Decent and Classic Packaging

Nothing i can think off.   If you think this product is expensive then let me tell you if its Mac... it's never cheap.

Rating :5/5

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of highlighting shades then i definitely recommend Mac Pro Long Wear Eye Shadow in Carefree. You can do multi-tasking with this particular shade, be it eye shadow or highlighting and it does last long. I just love this shade and yes i would definitely recommend this and buy it again. 


Have you tried any of Mac Pro Long wear eye shadows???

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