Monday, 6 May 2013

Azzaro Chrome Legend

Azzaro Chrome Legend is a fragrance which has a legendary status in fragrance; it is regal in every detail. This modern and adventurous fragrance suits men of all ages, for all occasions.

Loris Azzaro popularly known as Azzaro was a France based fashion designer, who launched his wide range of successful perfumes in 1975. His first fragrance for women, ‘Couture’ is still considered by many critics as his signature scent. His perfumes are exceptional product and smell wonderful.  His label is now headed by another French designer Vanessa Seward since Azzaros death. His Original vintage pieces of fragrances are still very much in demand all over the world.

A big difference between Azzaro Chrome and Chrome Legend is the addition of the green apple note.

All in all, Azzaro Chrome Legend has a fragrance for each season and mood that you could be in. You would wear legend at work, or on a crisp spring sunny day. Excellent scent, strong when you first spray it, but when it settles down it’s awesome. 

I had gifted this perfume to one of my very close friend & till date it remains his signature perfume. It gets you the attention & be sure to gather loads of compliments. Especially from women.

So guys..!!!  what are you waiting for be sure to try this one to impress that someone special. 

Ladies.. !!! if you are planning to gift someone very special then this one sure is the best pick. 

Fragrance Notes:  Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk, Oakmoss, Green Apple, Tea, Vetiver, Cedar and Bitter Orange.

120ml Bottle of Chrome Legend comes for Rs. 3500/- 


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