Saturday, 6 September 2014

You Never Know When You Will Get Lucky

"You Never Know When You Will Get Lucky" by Priya Narendra. This book was gifted to me by my sweet colleague Susan, along with "Not Without My Daughter" (which I have already reviewed on the blog earlier)

Carried the book with me while travelling to Goa. Not such a huge fan of Indian authors, maybe in the past I made some real bad choices in picking up Indian Author book, which has really put me off them. This happened with me  couple of times and  hence take my own sweet time in picking up a book of my choice.

If I don't like a book, it keeps lying half read in my cupboard or drawer. Very often, take a real good time in selecting a book ... can spend hours in a book shop just browsing, I guess that's just me :))

Since this was gifted to me, thought no harm in reading it. Oh ! yes let me mention here, this book.... sure changes my perception towards the Indian Authors. 

If you are looking out for something light to read without being too heavy on your mind than I recommend you should read this book.  It's fun and at some places it's hilarious. There are many moments in the book that would bring a smile on your face. 

Its has everything in it,  that a good book should have to keep the readers interested.  The story is short and up to the point. No where in the book you will find a  drag moment. Girls ! watch out for this book, its healthy, light and fun filled :))

SP Rating : 5/5

Final Verdict

Keeps you entertained throughout, light read with all the required masala.  Very well written,  Highly recommended !!!

Are you reading anything interesting or have you come acorss a good book which is worth reading then share with me and I would love to read it.

Would like to thank all my readers for visiting my blog and dropping in their valuable comments. Means a lot to me.

Happy weekend and have a wonderful time with your loved ones. Cheers !!!


  1. Omg what a coincidence, I just bought same book and still din't get time to read! Thanks for the brief info, will definitely start it soon! ;)


    1. Hey Ritcha read it and I hope you too like it :)

  2. Will check this online Zah. Thank you for recommending. xx