Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Moong Halwa

Making dessert always felt like a huge task to me, that's not my forte.  I enjoy cooking..... as in starters, main course or side dish. Decided to improve my skills in desserts . To start with, I chose to make something simple, easy and would tastes delicious. Tried Moong Halwa and turned out really well

Lets check out this simple and easy recipe.... 

Yellow Moong Dal - 2 small bowl or as per the quantity required.
Ghee - 1 small bowl
Dry Nuts (Almond, Pistachio & Walnut)
Kesar - few strands
Green Cardamon (Elaichi) - 6-7 Nos - make a fine powder
Sugar - as per the sweetness required. here I have taken 1 small bowl. (small as in equivalent to the bowl shown in below picture of dry nuts)


1) Roast Yellow Moong Dal before washing and soaking it overnight. In the morning drain all the water from the Moong Dal and grind into a fine paste.

2) Take two and a half cup of water in a pan and add sugar, green cardamon powder and saffron. Let it boil for 5 min. Keep it aside.

3) Take a thick and broad bottom pan, add ghee, once the ghee turns hot add moong dal paste and keep stirring and pressing with a flat spatula.

4) Once the water from the moong dal has evaporated completely, Add half the dry nuts and mix well before adding the boiled water that you have kept aside with Saffon, sugar and cardamon into it.   Mix it well & close the lid. Let it cook on low to medium heat,  till  water has evaporated completely and the sides starts leaving oil.

5) Remove it in a bowl and garnish with dry nuts. Serve it at room temperature.

Enjoy !!!!

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